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Article: Embracing Being Used by God: Finding Purpose in God's Plan

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Embracing Being Used by God: Finding Purpose in God's Plan

Have you ever felt like a mere instrument in the grand symphony of life, as if you were being used by a force larger than yourself? It's a common sentiment—a feeling of being directed by a higher power, of being an essential piece in a cosmic puzzle. But what does it truly mean to be used by God?

Embracing Divine Purpose

Many of us strive to discover our purpose, to find that profound reason for our existence. And sometimes, that purpose reveals itself in unexpected ways—through opportunities, challenges, and moments where we feel like we're merely vessels for something greater.

  1. Surrendering to God’s Plan

When we feel used by God, it's not a sign of insignificance; rather, it's an invitation to surrender to God’s plan. It's acknowledging that our lives are part of a bigger narrative, one orchestrated by God’s wisdom. Surrendering doesn't mean losing in defeat; it means aligning our actions with God’s purpose.

  1. Embracing the Unfamiliar

Being used by God often involves stepping into the unfamiliar, venturing into paths that may seem daunting or unconventional. Sometimes, these journeys lead to unexpected destinations—places where our unique abilities and experiences serve a purpose beyond our initial comprehension.

Finding Meaning in Everyday Moments

  1. Impact Beyond Measure

Even the smallest acts, when aligned with goodness and kindness, can ripple through the world in ways we might never fully grasp. A kind word, a helping hand, or a moment of empathy can be the tools through which God works to fulfill his purpose.

  1. Navigating Challenges

There are moments when feeling used by God might coincide with facing significant challenges. It's during these times that our resilience, courage, and faith are tested. These challenges often pave the way for growth, resilience, and the ability to empathize with others' struggles.

Trusting the Journey

  1. Patience and Trust

Trusting that we're being used by God involves patience. Sometimes, the purpose behind our actions might not be immediately clear. It requires trusting in God’s timing and a belief that every step we take is part of God’s greater purpose.

  1. Gratitude for the Experience

Gratitude transforms our perspective. Being thankful for the opportunity to serve a purpose greater than ourselves fills our hearts with joy and contentment, even during uncertain times.


Feeling used by God is not a diminishing experience but rather an invitation to participate in something extraordinary. It's about embracing the notion that our lives, in their entirety, are part of God’s divine tapestry—a beautiful, intricate design woven with threads of love, compassion, and purpose.

So, let's welcome this feeling with open hearts, embracing the notion that being used by God is an incredible privilege—an opportunity to contribute to something far beyond our individual understanding, and an affirmation that our lives are part of an extraordinary plan.

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